Friday, September 28, 2012

It's the gigantic things that get ya!

This morning we were out of milk. My go to breakfast is typically cheerios or life cereal with blueberries on top. (with skim milk) I couldn't chose toast because I have this weird thing about which food goes with which drink. Most of my breakfast choices need at least a mug of milk to wash it down. I never got into the coffee habit. (which I now count my blessings for) So because McD's is kind of on my way to work I went there instead. I got the oatmeal with fruit. I'm sure it is chock full of preservatives but it was a pick my battle kind of choice. I ate all of the fruit and maybe half of the oatmeal. I have to admit it was pretty good.
Not that I am advocating that sort of thing BUT I think sometimes you just have to make the better choice out of a few bad choices. I also got some unsweetened ice tea. Now here is where I have a bit of a gripe. It comes in one size. Gigantor. Seriously, who can drink that much of anything? I brought my plastic reuse-able cup with the straw (we have to have lids on our cups at work) and poured enough in to fill it up. I left the rest in my car. It is no wonder our society has an issue with obesity. If you figure the amount of sugar in the sweetened version of that size cup I'm sure we would all be appalled. When I went to lunch I poured the rest in my cup just to see how much I had. (the car was cold so it still had ice) It filled it again completely. So while some would think, "Cool, 2 drinks for the price of one." I'm thinking, wow that is ridiculous. Because let's face it, what percentage of people are getting it unsweetened like me? Just a thought.

(Tip: I find the unsweetened tea ant McD's FAR superior to the unsweetened tea at Dunkin Donuts for what it's worth. Though the size of the cup at DD is much more normal.) 

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