Saturday, December 8, 2012

And the b(eat) goes on.

I am happy to say I am still eating well. Even though I haven't been blogging as regularly. (Sorry about that.) I am also happy to see that finding good food is getting easier. It turns out unsweetened ice tea can be found in individual drinks in store coolers now. That is certainly helpful. Sometimes I want something with flavor instead of plain water. Or I might need a little caffeine. 

I got to eat at Primo again last night. It was our clinics annual holiday team dinner. It is always a pleasure. Their food is not only cooked beautifully but much of it is raised right there. I get the duck as often as I can. This is a washed out photo (too much flash) but it was amazing. 

I also always try new foods when I am there. If I had a better memory I could tell you what I ate but sadly I don't. Heck I can't even remember what came with the duck and the photo is right there! It was all amazing though and that is what counts. It is also very clean eating because it is all cooked right there using fresh real food. Which also counts.

A new trick I have is putting pistachios in a bowl on the counter for snacking. This way if I get a craving for something crunchy, instead of reaching for the potato chips I grab a few of them instead. (keep a small bowl there for the shells) Again, real food that is good for you. 

My husband got us a family membership to the YMCA this year. Both of my kids do athletics and are exercising more so it was a good investment for us. I am excited to put it to good use as well. My favorite exercise is swimming. A few years ago I took a synchronized swimming class with my daughter. I loved the challenge of it. Don't think that is a real sport? Try doing some of their moves! You will change your mind. (It is a great workout for the abs!)

On the exercise front I am also looking forward to doing some snowshoeing this winter. Of course this means we need some snow. It shouldn't be a problem in Maine but some winters are better than others when it comes to that. I like exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. Hiking in the woods, walking the dogs, playing games on the wii, and other stuff like that. Unfortunately I need to add some strength training to my routine since I have hit that age bracket. Gotta keep those bones strong!

On a similar note I have stopped drinking skim milk. I did a little research in the subject and what I found didn't seem right to me. Did you know after they take the fat out of the milk it is a grey color so they add powdered milk back into it? It changes the way our bodies process it among other things. So as an experiment I am going back to whole milk instead. Not only that I have also started buying raw milk at my local co-op as well. I tried some at my sisters house at Thanksgiving from White's Orchard Farm and it was excellent. Very creamy. My kids liked it too! Always a good sign. So to supplement I am getting a half a gallon of raw a week as well. I personally think foods should be eaten in their natural state as much as possible. That means no GMO's as much as possible too. (which I just found out means Cheerios are now off my ok to eat list. ) We'll see if it makes a difference on the weight front.

As always, eat well!