Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eating on vacation & supporting your local farmer

So I just got back from a weeks vacation. I admit I was worried about falling off the eating well wagon. Thankfully that didn't happen. Sure I ate a few more things than I might have if I were at home but ultimately I did well. First of all there was good food choices everywhere! I was shocked that even in the airport I could find fruit and healthy snacks. I would say society must be changing because I don't remember that being the case in the past.
One of the things I did was bring these along:

I am kind of addicted to blueberries. I eat them on my cereal almost every morning. Berries are great for the antioxidants. I prefer fresh but use frozen (thawed) frequently when I need to. These were a great option that my husband found for me.
While there I did see a disturbing report on food that is being transported to restaurants not being properly cooled. I couldn't find the link but found this similar story instead. This is long (6 minutes) but worth watching.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3_n3RkF1OQ Yet another reason to support your local farmers.
So after a week of vacation eating I am pleased to report than I didn't gain a single ounce. I still need to find the motivation to begin working out to get in better shape. Tho I think I can safely say I have the food part down pretty well now.
Eat well!

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