Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chia seeds, running, breathing and muscle vs fat

Yes I am still fighting the fight. It has gotten easier too. Once I lost the excess weight maintaining my size has been pretty easy. I still try to eat as much "real food" as possible and don't deny myself the things I love. (like cookies) One of the things I have added to my morning meals is chia seeds. I simply sprinkle them on my cereal. They don't have any flavor that I can tell and they have a lot of omega 3's. I'm told it is like eating salmon and spinach it is that packed with so much good stuff. Here is more info about chia seeds.
I get mine at the local co-op. 

I did a 5K recently. It was tough. I think the pressure of being in a race messes with me a bit. The first half mile my legs feel like lead. But I made it and I even beat a few people younger than me. Since then I have stopped timing myself when training though. I felt like it kept me from the right mind set about it. It is about being healthy. The races are just mini-goals along the way. My biggest problem with running isn't the physical action of running, it is about my breathing. I am still struggling with a lung issue. I have been seeing a pulmonary specialist and he told me last year I have asthma. It gets irritated frequently (I think by mold spores) causing extreme coughing and throat clearing. (which my co-workers just love) So my running is around how I'm feeling on some days. But he said I could keep running so that is good.

Check out my new shirt. In January my husband and I are headed to Disney World. He will be running a half marathon and I will do the 5K. I read an excellent book on running recently which was very motivating. (Chapter 25 will change the way you think about running shoes.) It is called "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall. Here is some info:  I never thought I would like a book about running but then again I never thought I would become any sort of runner. (Though "runner" isn't exactly accurate. My pace is more of a jog sometimes.) My goal now when I run is to just run as far as I can and try to enjoy it. Not everyone can run after all. I am grateful that I have a body healthy enough to even try. If you can't run or have no desire to run it's ok. I lost all my weight previously just by walking. Running is not necessary. I am just trying to take it up a notch as my own goal. I am also lifting weights at least twice a week in an effort to build muscle.

This was supposed to be an omelette. Yeah I'm not exactly the best cook. It was still good. I had some leftover asparagus and bacon so I made a poor mans version of the quiche that I love. (which actually uses asparagus and prosciutto) It was quicker than making a quiche and still pretty good.

I came across this great visual of why weight training is good for you. Five pounds of muscle takes up less area than five pounds of fat. PLUS the more muscle you have the more efficiently your body burns off calories. Translation, you can eat more food because your body burns it off instead of adding it to the fat stores. This is also why the scale might not be your friend if you are stuck in the "I should weigh X amount" mindset. So my current goal is replacing the fat I have left with muscle. This might mean I will weigh what I started. Here are a couple of examples:

Can you see where the muscle replaced the fat in the above photo? 

Not the best photos but I hope this gives you an idea of what I mean. I want to be strong and healthy so that isn't about a number on a scale. It is about what I am doing to my body through eating well and exercise. Even those who aren't interested in building muscle will benefit from not carrying too much weight on their frame. Personally I don't care how large a person is. It isn't my business. I like people based on how they are as a person, not what size they are. However I do sometimes worry about their health in some cases. That said skinny doesn't always equal healthy. If you eat crap food or abuse your body with foreign substances it will not be healthy. Everyone is responsible for making their own choices.

A splurge, an amazing blackberry cosmopolitan. It was amazing and blackberries ARE good for you. 
Eat well!