Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tea for two, running goals and an old favorite

Yes that is dessert you see in the photo. It is actually an order of Petite Fours from Fromviandoux, a new French restaurant in the area. They serve a wonderful afternoon tea. I have already talked about the health benefits of tea so I won't bore you with that spiel again. My friend Ashley and I had a fabulous time there last weekend. I ate my very first scone and it was amazing. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you check them out.

I have been doing ok on the running and exercise front. I manage to get to the gym at least twice a week, sometimes more. The key seems to be start slow and build up. I am not so focused on trying to do it all, I'm just trying to do more than I used to. It is working. I have to admit I am already seeing some results. I have an actual bicep now! I have also decided to start running some 5K events in the future. My husband and I are serious Disney fans so we are planning on doing some of the RunDisney races in the future. They have a great website and blog with lots of training advice, including how to eat properly during training. Check it out:  I figure the 5K is just the right amount of running for me now. Maybe I will consider longer races in the future but I am not going to extend myself that far just yet. Baby steps.

A friend also turned me on to some excellent blogs by runners. Here is one that I really like:  She is really into cooking and makes some great food. Plus she seems like a normal person. I know that sounds weird but some of the runner blogs are just to intense for me right now. I'm not sure I will ever consider myself a runner, a serious jogger maybe. I mean I am making the running motions but I still go at a pretty slow pace. I have this thing about breathing. I like it. Besides, nobody wants to watch the girl gasping like a fish out of water at the gym. Waiting to see if I collapse is probably stressful for them. So for now I jog. I am working up a sweat though so I figure that it counts.

Here is a dish I recently shared on my facebook page:

Organic oatmeal with raspberries. An easy way to spice up your oatmeal: put frozen berries in the bottom of your bowl, then add the freshly cooked oatmeal on top covering all the berries. Let it sit for a minute so the berries thaw. Mix and eat! No extra sugar needed. This also helps cool off the oatmeal to an edible temperature. I eat mine without milk but you can add it if you like. I always make at least two servings so I can have another one the next day. It keeps well in the fridge and microwaves very well. And for those that think steel cut oats are the only way to go, check out this comparison chart on steel cut vs rolled oats.

Eat well!

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